Doubles Brackets

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You can sign up to be a TD here. Applications to TD a Local Doubles Qualifying Bracket will be accepted starting on April 1, 2018. Applications will be approved within one week of receipt. Payment for Local Qualifying Bracket player packs and trophies must be made by June 14th. Applications for Local Qualifying Brackets will be accepted until June 1st. This will give you a minimum of two weeks to promote and get 16 players signed up to compete.

Dynamic Discs will award no more than 16 Local Qualifying Brackets that make the most sense based on geography and population centers in that particular state or province. Individuals may run more than one Local Qualifying Bracket in their state.

TD Packages will be delivered by June 29, 2018.

What comes in the TD package?

  • Two Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Maverick for each team (32 total)
  • Two Latitude-64 Gold Burst Explorer for each team (32 total)
  • Trophy Discs for 1st place, Trophy Junior Discs for 2nd place, and a Trophy Mini Discs for third place
  • Login information for the bracket manager powered by UDisc.

Package Cost: 16 player packs and trophy discs = $1280 (includes shipping)

Note: Registration fees for teams is $90. $90 x 16 teams equals $1440. The excess entry fees should cover any costs that are associated with running the event. Additionally, it is Dynamic Discs way of thanking you for running a bracket.

Doubles Local Qualifying Brackets should be completed during the month of July.

TDs will need to enter the names of their 16 participants (teams) into the UDisc app. The UDisc app will randomly generate a bracket that the sixteen teams will follow. Local Qualifying Bracket TDs will update their bracket using the UDisc app at the conclusion of each match.

More info on the UDisc app coming soon!

An entire 16 team match play bracket could be completed over the course of two days or over the course of an entire month. Local Qualifying Bracket TDs can choose to implement the play in the bracket as they see fit, just as long as a single champion team results before the end of July 2018.

One Weekend Model
Saturday Morning – 8 matches take place (16 teams)
Saturday Afternoon – 4 matches take place (8 teams)
Sunday Morning – 2 matches take place (4 teams)
Sunday Afternoon – Final match takes place (2 teams)

One Month Model
First week of the month – 8 matches take place (16 teams)
Second week of the month – 4 matches take place (8 teams)
Third week of the month – 2 matches take place (4 teams)
Fourth week of the month – Final match takes place (2 teams)

The One Month Model can take place over a shorter time span as well.

A single course or multiple courses can be used throughout bracket play.

The schedule and courses should be determined ahead of time and must be posted on the Local Qualifying Bracket UDisc scoring page.

PDGA State Coordinators will be given the first option to run the State or Province Championship Bracket during the month of August. If the State/Province Coordinator is not available to run the State/Province Championship Bracket, Dynamic Discs will recruit someone to do this.